Thursday, April 3, 2014

winter colors forever

I don't think I'm ready to hop on the "bright colors for spring" bandwagon just yet. Or ever, really.
Every year I try so hard to step out of my neutral-color comfort zone when the warm weather first hits but every article of clothing I buy that has a color found on the rainbow is an article of clothing that gets shoved to the very back (the abyss) of my closet. You just can't go wrong with black, white, brown, and gold. It's not possible.
But I mean there is a floral print going on here, so that counts for something, right?

Dress- c/o Nowistyle Japan
Shoes- Forever21 (I wish I had the real Wang's!)
Clutch- Forever21

xo Susie

Sunday, March 30, 2014


I'm generally not very good at dressing "casually." I like to throw on a dress and heels even if I'm just running to Walmart for coffee creamer. But I had the day off work and slept in 'til 2pm, so I decided to let myself go a bit (but not too much- hence the heels, ha).

I can't even begin to tell you how many black & white striped tops I have in my closet. Or leather jackets. Or denim cutoffs. If I had to make a list of my most-worn items, these would most likely be the top 3. I think I like them so much because you can turn a super lazy-girl outfit into something acceptable to be seen in. I'm just sad because I just brought home this perfect Zara leather moto jacket a few days ago and now the forecast is calling for 80 degree weather for weeks to come. Boo.
But I am excited to break out all of my spring dresses that have been sitting all alone in the back corner of my closet all winter! 

Sunglasses- Chanel
Top- c/o Nowistyle Japan
Shorts- Levi Strauss
Jacket- Zara
Bag- Forever21
Necklace- Handmade (but not by me...someone sold it to my store!)

xo Susie

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

in susie's shop (shop my closet!)

Growing up, there were few words I dreaded hearing more than "It's time for spring cleaning."
I am a hoarder by nature and I simply cannot help it. Try as I may, I cannot kick the fact that I have an emotional attachment to every single thing that crosses paths with me (who knows if I'll ever need that receipt from 3 years ago? I should keep it just in case). My absolute worst hoarding is found in the way I cannot untighten my grip on my clothing. You wouldn't believe the excuses I make in order to hold on to an article of clothing. Oh that ugly old thing from 9 years ago? I may need it for a costume party 7 years from now. Probably should hold onto it.
But as I'm growing older and my closet space is growing far more limited, I've been trying to find a new home for some of my gently used items! Thanks to a severe lack of sleep and a bit too much coffee, I found myself spring cleaning at 4:30am today.
Some new items are now up on my blog shop- check them out! :')

xo Susie

Sunday, February 16, 2014

NYFW: I prefer the street style

Moment of silence for her bag 

(images via

It is safe to say that my entire year revolves around one week: F/W NYFW. Spring/summer is always "eh" to me because I really can't be bothered with bright colors (or any color at all, really) and the come-and-go trends it always has to offer. Fall/winter fashion week is like a week-long glimpse of heaven. I kid you not when I say I just pulled an all-nighter to catch up on shows I missed while I was at school (mom, if you're reading this, I swear I was studying and not watching fashion shows all night).
And as much as I have loved the shows I've seen thus far (you go, DKNY, you go) absolute favorite part of fashion week, without fail, is the street style images that pop up in every nook and cranny of my social media. I may or may not want to cry when I scroll past 500 photos on instagram of my favorite models walking around my favorite city before walking on a runway for my favorite designers.  I also set my homepage to during NYFW, so there goes a few hundred more tears every time I get on the internet (which is admittedly far too often). 
I would almost say that I look forward to the flush of street style images more than the shows. Obviously I'm interested in what Marc Jacobs is trying to get me to wear next fall, but I'm equally as interested as what my favorite models (s/o Sasha Luss) are wearing off-duty. It gives the realm of fashion a bit more realism, I suppose.

Which do you prefer?
xo Susie

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

the juicy details

I can't tell you how many times I've reblogged photos on tumblr of someone holding a Pressed Juicery juice and then proceeding to caption it with how adamantly I want to try one of their cleanses myself. Celebrities such as Emma Roberts, Ashley Benson, Miranda Kerr, Rosie Huntington-Whitely, and my personal favorite, Whitney Port, have all been snapped with PJ juices in tow, so they must be great, right? Right.  When I saw that one of my favorite blogs, The Sorority Secrets, was holding a contest to win a 1-day Pressed Juicery cleanse, I jumped all over it. I generally have terrible luck with contests, so when I found an email from one of the sweet girls over at TSS informing me I'd soon be juicing the day away, I nearly lost it.

If any of you follow me on any sort of social media, be it twitter, facebook, tumblr, or instagram, I'm sure you've seen my incessant complaints about being on bed rest the past few weeks. After weeks of mild illnesses, I found myself really ill on New Year's Eve, and after some blood work, found out I had a nasty viral infection. And then two days later the doctor called and said I had strep throat as well. It's been a really fun-filled few weeks, in case you were wondering. After running out of Netflix shows/movies to watch and sleeping entirely too much, I started feeling better a few days ago- just in time for my juice cleanse to arrive! It really was great timing, because juice cleanses allegedly "rejuvenate" and "refresh" your body, which, after these illnesses, was exactly what I needed.

The good:
  • Although I only did a 1-day cleanse, I still felt a huge difference the next day. I slept well the night of my cleanse, and I woke up easily and without my usual groggy, I'm-ready-to-kill-whoever-speaks-to-me-first attitude (which never happens).
  • Juicing gives your colon time off from digesting. Something else that almost never happens. Sorry for eating nonstop, colon....I just love food so dang much.
  • Your body feels very light and fresh the next morning, which is a really awesome feeling.
  • There are enough juices that if you space them 2 hours apart, you don't get hungry the way you'd think you would. I felt very satisfied the whole day! The only time I got on tumblr and scrolled through a pancake tag (it took everything in me not to make pancakes) was right before bed. Once I finally convinced myself I was doing more harm than good by looking at food, I headed to bed and fell right asleep!
  • The vanilla almond juice before bed tastes like ice cream. Trust me when I say you'll be wanting ice cream by the end of the night. That was a very strategically placed juice. Well done, Pressed Juicery, well done.
  • I have never felt so hydrated in my life. The chlorophyll water and aloe vera water were a godsend. I don't know if I could have done the cleanse without them (and a 1.5 liter water bottle to chug in-between juices to secure that hunger pains wouldn't interrupt my day).
  • Overall, just as the juicing myths go, you really do feel very rejuvenated and cleansed by the next day. I loved my cleanse, and I'm ready to try a 3-day cleanse next! 

The bad:
  • I have never really leaned towards veggies...I'm more of a fruit kinda gal. I think this prevented me from falling head-over-heels for my green juices like most people do.
  • Although I felt energized the day after, I felt a little weak the day of the cleanse.
  • Whether it's TMI or not, I'll go ahead and say it: I had to pee more than a pregnant lady that day. So my advice would be to do a cleanse over the weekend or on a day off from work.
  • Although I got my cleanse for free, if you are looking into trying one yourself, they can cost you a pretty penny.

Happy cleansing!
xo Susie

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

mesh & maxi

First & foremost: three cheers to making it through my first semester of college! I didn't think I'd make it. Unfortunately I've still got 3.5 semesters to go.

Today I'm thankful for nice weather and a break from the crazy cold we've had lately. All year I wait for the day it turns cold, but after having a nice modern-day ice age a few weeks back, these past couple of 70 degree days have been nice (and perfect to get out and shoot!).
As I was scouring my closet for something to wear earlier, I found this maxi dress sitting at the very back, tags still attached. I remember thinking I couldn't live without this dress when I first tried it on, and as soon as I got home I thought "this shows too much skin, I'll never wear it."
Well, the time has come. I'm stepping out of my comfort zone (literally...check out that slit up the side) and trying new things.
Hope my dad doesn't see this post because he might just murder me (sorry, pops!)

  • Jacket- c/o Nowistyle Japan
  • Maxi- Image
  • Heels- Michael Kors
  • Necklace- vintage
xo Susie

Monday, December 9, 2013

'tis the season for wishlists


In the Gibson household, Christmas lists begin around the same time as Halloween. My mom has always been one to get her Christmas shopping done early (I applaud you, Mother, I really do) because she hasn't the patience for long lines and traffic-hell come December. While most people are still trying to decide what they're going to dress up as for Halloween, I'm trying to get my Christmas list together for fear of my mother verbally harassing me if I don't get it to her in a timely manner (first world problem, am I right?).
A few years back I began making visual wishlists for her because I found them so much more appealing than handing over a bland sheet of notebook paper with my hardly-legible chickenscratch all over the place. I would copy and paste a photo into Microsoft Word and underneath I would give a size, color, and link to the website where she could purchase said item. Technology is crazy, people. Absolutely crazy.
Ever since then, I have become a huge fan of making online wishlists, whether it be a Christmas list for my (super-freakin-awesome) mom, or just for me to cry penniless tears over things I love yet can't afford. I could spend hours doing this.
All of the items shown above can be found on PersunMall for crazy affordable prices.  Perfect for Christmas shopping :')

xo Susie